Are You Prepared For The Software Testing Interview?

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 02/6/2014

Are You Prepared For The Software Testing Interview?

Software testing is a vital compоnent of Software Development circuition.  It is important to be attentive to the details for a tester.

Here are some regular questions on software testing interview:

Do you know the difference between requirement and specification?

This is important for a candidate to know that difference. Customer provides requirements to define what he/she needs. After that the needs are transformed into specifications that are the plan for the specifications for the development team.

Do you know the difference between a test plan and a use case?

The elements that form a test strategy are described in a Test Plan. A Use Case shows the actions of a user, its interplay with a particular function and shows a response of a system.

How the severity of a bug differs from a priority of a bug?

Bug priority indicates how quickly the bug needs to be fixed. It indicates how important the bug is among other bugs. A Severity outlines the repercussiоns that may the bug have onto an application.

What is unit testing and what is integrated testing?

Unit testing is performed by a developer, it was written to identify if the small particle of code is doing what it should. Integrated testing generally checks the system.

What is the difference between a black box testing and a white box testing?

The difference of these notions outlines the involvement of tester into a process. In Black box testing the tester sees only an output; he is not involved in the process itself. In White Box Testing a tester is involved inside the process and can validate data before the output.

Outline the difference between a test case and a test case walkthrough?

A Test highlights the input in the test. It involves data, screen and the parameters. It will outline the stages needed to perform a test case. A Test Case Walkthrough is a overview of the test case by Testing Peers.  It can define the steps that may have been missed or test cases that may have been missed.

Define automated testing?

If the project is bug, it can involve a lot of test cases. An automated tool can registry the actions from a case. It may involve clicks, buttons and menu choices. Automated testing is done much more faster.

How and when the decision table is applied?

When there are various blends of inputs, there is a need to ease up a documentation of test cases. For that a decision table is used.

Do you know the notion of portability testing?

This kind of testing is implemented when the application being moved and tested on different operating systems.

Functional and non-functional testing, do you know the difference?

Functional testing involves the testing of existing functions that will be used by end user. Non-functional testing involves test cases that certify performance, security log-ons and disk and memory space testing.

Knowing all these answers, you are likely to pass this kind of interview. You need to be assured and convinced in your power to pass through, confident in your knowledge and prepared to all questions, even unexpected.

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