Application testing for social media

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 03/18/2012

Application testing for social media

In this article we’ll discuss if there are any testing standards for applications on social networks and the main problems new apps would face before being introduced to users in social networks.

Suffice it to say that different kinds of apps need different approaches of testing. For example some free games that can be found on entertaining sites may be tested not so thoroughly as the games that are intended to drive ad clicks, hits or external hits(like buying extra features for a game).

Overall these apps shouldn’t do any harm to the user’s experience because of being exercised too excessively. It’s extremely undesirable that the user should boot off the site completely or crash the browser (It happened to my wife while using some of these games that seemed to be the maximum of the test effort).

Applications with a specific goal

As for apps that are designed for specific goals like advertising or participation campaign, they should get stricter scrutiny. By the way this makes sense, doesn’t it? If a free game constantly crashes computers, users will associate the conception of free games itself with something unsafe.

The apps that are intended for sites and networks and are some kind of “features” tend to get exercised more rigorously. When a campaign is built around even such a fairly-straightforward tool like a calendaring app you don’t want a negative experience with the software to spoil your site’s and company’s reputation.

When writing apps for social media you want to be sure that they are really faultless and at least are not any worse than the others on the same environment. Some time ago I heard a wise phrase that sounds like this: “Test Early; Test Often; Fail Cheaply”, I suppose it can be a good piece of advice for you. Of course we can’t do complete software testing, but other problems that can occur should be slight and easy to correct.

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