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Apparently SaaS was not enough. More and more cloud tech based services are emerging. And so did Testing as a Service. TaaS is a service with many things included from mere advises from consultants to implementation of various testing activities from different vendors. TaaS fits best for regression and security testing measures.

Some of TaaS benefits include:

  • Test cycle time is being reduced and so are costs due automation capabilities and constantly available required hardware
  • Possible improvements in test quality due increased test cases and more time available

There are enormous amounts of resources available on the clouds with many virtual devices and software. Many people are involved that are professionals. That is the greatest power of Cloud Services, yet it is their primary weakness as well.


Testing environments are unique and personal to most clients and their projects. Many projects require something very special or even extraordinary to be completed. And if we are talking a legacy app than clouds are most likely not even an option. Many systems and software is not replicable or replicable.

Then there are security issues occurring many people involved in a project that is not even released yet. And everybody has already heard about informational leaks from clouds which adds more oil to the fire.

So, despite TaaS may prove to be of use and allows users with a lot of potential it still may be considered as an addition to software testing and as a trick that will be reducing costs in some stages of testing, yet shan’t be considered as the only option if your project requires appropriate quality as well as confidentiality.

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