All You Need to Know about Software Testing as a Service

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 05/23/2014

All You Need to Know about Software Testing as a Service


TaaS Preconditions

Third-party testing, mostly offshore software testing, is getting increasingly sought after by business-critical applications’ owners as businesses try to reduce high costs of software failure and avoid huge investments required for powerful in-house testing procedures.

Business digitization has created the need to increasingly rely on software in both internal and customer-oriented activities. This increased the software testing focus in the development process which increased costs related to money, time and human resources and accelerated outsourced, or offshore software testing.

According to multiple researches, an average big application requires an extra $1.5 because of problems with programming code which needs fixing after the software goes live.

TaaS Definition and Benefits

The Software Testing as a Service model, or TaaS, is a software testing model intended to test a piece of software in the form of a service delivered to customers via the Internet. Eliminating the necessity to test an app on the client’s own computer with on-site testers, this model alleviates the client’s burden of test environments installation, maintenance, sourcing and support. TaaS also reduces testing costs through less costly pricing on demand.

From the point of view of a TaaS provider, this model is attractive because it provides much stronger protection of their test approach as well as establishes a current revenue stream. A provider can test the product on their own server and even use some third-party software service provider. Thus, customers are able to reduce their investment also on server hardware.


Software is deeply in our everyday life today. Hundreds of applications are used by people without noticing them daily. Businesses will only get prosperous if their company, customers and partners have software working properly and without crashes when it’s needed. Failures are expensive, but even a more expensive thing is embedding testing in an organization.

Thus, Software Testing as a Service proves to be a really beneficial, modern and professional testing solution both for TaaS providers and their customers.

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