Agile + Mobile: How To Test Their Combo?


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Testing & QA

The world has changed a lot over past years. Mobile technologies allow enormous computing possibilities for everybody to the extent that was unimaginable even 10 years ago. Basically your customers and employees are now available 24/7 and can fulfill some of the hardest tasks with ease and simplicity. They have access to online resources, databases, personal accounts and even banking and cash management possibilities at the reach of their hand not even mentioning all the available socialization. However, the more important a mobile app is the better testing it requires to satisfy relied trust and this is indeed more difficult to achieve then back in the day.

Earlier all testers had to do was to install a solution on a different machine ant toy with some of its features. There were like 2 browsers back then and their functionality was very limited while PC’s were not even different in lots of ways. While today numerous devices are being introduced to the market on a daily basis and even worse, all that hardware has different software and firmware installed. Surely there are really popular mobile OS’s like iOS, Windows or Android however how can you be sure your customers will be using them rather than any different option?

Then there is the Agile methodology of development that is also quite fresh in terms of the digital world we live in delivering even more changes. Manual testing still remains a necessity however we have Unit Tests now and other kinds of Automation that decreases time required for testing and increases revenues.

Performance and Functionality

What do users care most in their apps? A great app should solve some issue and it has to be easily used otherwise why even bother attending to it for assistance? Hence Functionality and Performance are two largest aspects of testing that require most attention.

And, despite all benefits Agile can offer it is still making testing quite a bit more difficult with all the often releases and the rate updates are emerging. While functional testing is doing a great job keeping up with fast-&-often releases due new tolls and functionality availabilities as well as all kinds of solutions are falling on us like rain on an autumn afternoon the fact that numerous types of devices are required for proper testing sessions remains.

Performance testing sessions have even increased in value in Agile environments. Mostly defects and crashes happen due foul distributed server app architecture. App resources are dynamic today due cloud resources and other new available technology rather than static as they used to be. Which means testing will now demand much more.

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