Agile May Get Even More Productive If You Follow These Tips!


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Testing & QA

Testing in an Agile environment is extremely important as code releases are an often occasion. Plus released code has to work and it has to work great. There are several common challenges every Agile team has to face during a project, like:

  • Making sure scrum is a s short as it gets thus more time may be dedicated to actual testing of the code
  • Making sure short-term releases are not experiencing any lack in quality
  • Making sure all the requirements as well as committed hours are gathered properly

So how to make your team extra productive?

  • Make sure you are working with just the right set of people. Most of Agile can not be taught to just anybody. It requires a special mindset of developers and testers. Passion, creativeness, fearlessness, soft skills and many more attributes are essential for every single person in a team to possess in order for the results to be better than expected.
  • The entire team has to be 100% aware of the entire Data flow. Such knowledge allows deeper understanding of components, impacts of their failures, security issues, etc. In other words, knowledge is power.
  • Keep an eye on them Logs. Log analysis is a major part of any Agile development process. It is absolutely crucial in order to determine what has caused any particular issue. And there are the so called silent errors. The ones the end user will not recognize. Logs are a great tool for determining those.
  • Every tester needs to be aware of all the changes. There are times when goals and timelines may be achieved only after a radical solution that is not quite what was originally planned and such a solution often involves changes in the code. Make sure every teammate is aware of those.
  • Do not neglect the potential of tools you have pre-installed in your browsers like Chrome or Firefox. They are often handy and extremely easy and fast to use.
  • Exploratory testing has to be your credo. Test early. As early as you can and do it as often as possible. Be sure you have load, function, etc. tests in your Test Plan for the whole app to work as one peace after development is finished.

Following these simple rules may increase your team’s productivity and quality will skyrocket!

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