3 Things You Would Really Want to A/B Test In Your Mobile App


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Mobile Application Testing, Usability Testing

So you are with your app in the market. The app is great and all but, in any way,  is it doing its best for you to meet your, frankly saying, money-earning goals? And if it does is it doing its best? And perhaps, just perhaps your users will love your app more if its icon is sky-tear blue rather than water-dragon purple? What will be your best weapon-of-choice tool to get these answers? Correct, A/B app testing!

Are there any particular A/B tests any app would need and appreciate? Sure, tests like…

  • In-app messages need A/B. Basically a message located inside your app is your number one marketing tool. They are any apps marketing core and center. Thus it’s no wonder you are to choose the best from the best messages. And you will do so with A/B. There may and will be a message that is guiding your users into making a certain decision and there may be a message doing the exact same thing only better. How may you know which one will do the best? By A/B testing for sure.
  • Push messages need A/B. For starters we are to settle on why does an app need push messages in the very first place? In a perfect world a nice user-app experience would be enough for your app to remain popular. But we are not living in a perfect world and, sometimes, an app needs to remind about itself so any user is back to playing with his favorite application of yours. And the message that is to encourage any user on getting back to your app has to be of your best as well.
  • App content needs A/B.  What needs more testing then your apps content? The question is rhetorical. If you have any experience of website testing this step is probably the easiest as you are already used to what needs to be done. Test all you can get your hands on like color of the letters, size of your buttons, different icons, etc. Sure you can’t make a great app every single person in the world would love, but you can get as close with A/B.

Such changes are the very things keeping your trusty end-users engaged with your application. That is how your users are realizing you are still alive and kicking in order to grant them their perfect app. Users will appreciate it and their happiness with your application is priceless, even in terms of business.

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