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Books are amazing as they are a practically limitless well of knowledge. A book is a man’s experience all gathered in on place in a way perfect for sharing. Thus they are simply amazing in their variety. Nowadays with the capabilities internet is granting many testers may truly gain from amazing literature offered.

Young testers who are at the very beginning of their carrier require a source of basics and required knowledge, when skilled specialists may also find new ways of solving complicated issues from appropriate books. But with all the variety it is getting quite hard to choose a great book that will prove to be of value.

Thus here is a shorter list of truly great books dedicated to Software testing you may find interesting at the very least:

  • Cem Kaner’s ‘Lessons Learned in Software testing’. This book is great if not more for all who are beginners at software testing as the book’s main focus is around usual mistakes people are making while testing software. There will be plenty of useful material to test managers as well as developers and consultants.
  • Ron Patton’s ‘Software testing’. This is a great source of information about automation and web testing although it is covering much more. Readers will be provided with easy solutions that are quite handier than complex formulas and clear definitions of various testing methodologies.
  • Lisa Crispin’s ‘Agile Testing: A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile teams’. All you ever required to know about software testing in any agile environment as well as possible organizational challenges will be covered in this book with great language that is quite easy to understand and interesting to read. The precise role of testers in agile teams will be well covered. There will also be great tips related to automation strategies you will find in this book and much more.
  • C. Kaner’s ‘Testing Computer Software’. Test case design, common software errors, planning, and all the fun with black box testing as well as testing verification data may be found in this exquisite book. It’s not of the most up-to-date books though, yet it is covering general basics greatly.

This is my personal must have list I am sharing with you. Hopefully you will gain much from these books and will truly enjoy reading them from cover to cover.

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