A Good Test Case Design and Selection of Suitable Software Testing Techniques

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 04/13/2012

A Good Test Case Design and Selection of Suitable Software Testing Techniques

Testing Techniques

“Which technique of testing should be used?” is a common question after test case design. “It depends!” – is the best solution in this case.

The choice of the most effective technique determined by the conditions, involving the object’s nature and the testers’ experience.

It is obviously that a test case design technique which we have used many times for the same deals and we know well is a good choice.

Software testing techniques are not too changeable, though the main feeling that everything is changing fast. We need to know about new techniques and new research, both in testing and development, becoming available.

Direct choice is the choice provided by risk analysis. Different techniques might be applied to areas or products with a higher risk exposure, whereas certain techniques are sufficient for low-risk products. Especially  when we are selecting between white-box or structural techniques.

You can choose the test techniques according to customer requirements. There is a tendency to include these constraints in the contract for high-risk products. The test responsible should have had the possibility of accepting and suggesting the choices, when test case techniques being stipulated in a contract. At last, the choice of test case design techniques can be dictated or guided by applicable regulatory standards.

How to Choose the Best Testing Techniques: Advice from Expert
No firm research withdrawal exist about the rank in effectiveness of the black-box or functional software testing techniques. Most of the research that has been performed is not terribly useful and very academic. So we can make a conclusion: there is no “best” technique. The nature of the product will detect the “best”. Anyway a combination of techniques is better than just one technique and the usage of some technique is better than none.

It is need to be highlighted that techniques are good for finding possible failures and the use of techniques supports meticulous and systematic work. Using test case design techniques means that hat we are able to explain our test cases and that they may be repeated by others with approximately the same result.

Some techniques should be used. It is obligatory.

Here are some strategies for applying techniques:

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