A Clear Guideline For Testing Software in A Startup


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Testing & QA

If you wish your app to blast with fanfares it has to be of decent quality at the very minimum. Sure there are easier (and cheaper) ways of achieving such a goal like outsourcing development. But if that’s not your way for many of your personal reasons and preferences we may offer you a nice general guide that will lead your team through QA testing and forward to app success. 

First thing first. We are to determine actual goals of software testing. Basically, you wish your code to be free of various malicious defects and critical issues. Simply you are to locate as many bugs in your code as possible during testing sessions. Afterwards, you are to tag them as critical ones or the bugs that may be there in the code without any harm to your users. QA testing may be divided into 2 major activities:

  • New features and code testing.
  • Regression testing that needs to determine whether the old code is working as meant to and to validate those results.

When a bug is found you are to…

Reporting bugs

So when you are locating an issue it’s of high importance to report in the best appropriate way. The best format for doing so is:

  • Reporting the time an issue occurred and the date, as well as your team, may begin investigating the bug in a few days or even weeks.
  • Mention the user account via which a tester has found this or that bug.
  • Also, you are to mention the server and the environment the bug was found in, of course.
  • The headline has to be short, yet descriptive. One sentence should be enough, but a meaningful sentence, that is.
  • Mention the app’s expected behavior (what it was really supposed to do).
  • And, of course, the app’s actual behavior, or, in other words, what exactly is it doing wrong.
  • You are to explain a clear path to the issue emerging. Reproduction has to be easily achieved via following the tester’s notes.
  • Screenshots will be of great assistance.
  • Point out defect’s priority as critical bugs need to be attended immediately.
  • Comment as much as possible for everything to be as descriptive as it was meant to be.

How should your startup plan testing?

You will never get actual profit from testing if you don’t have a test plan. You have your goal mentioned earlier to be your guideline. Things you are to consider in your plan are:

  • Normal user flow
  • Negative user flow
  • Security testing
  • Top threats and ways of overcoming them

This is pretty much a fairly accurate guideline fit for QA testing that is easy to both fully understand and to be implemented.

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