9 Tips to Be Considered Before Testing

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 11/14/2012

9 Tips to Be Considered Before Testing

There are many mistakes can be done by testers due to ignoring some important things. We would like to share with you some aspects you need to take into account before starting testing process. Probably you’ll face with it anyway, but it is rather to be ready for it.

  1. Analyze testing results. Of course, testing shows whether program is “pass” or “fail”, but if you aim to be respected tester you should look at the root of the reason why it is “fail” or “pass”. Good tester provides constructive solution not just announces the verdict.
  2. Probably you won’t reach 100% coverage. Despite this you still should try to maximize it while testing any application. You can try to break it under test into smaller functional module and write cases on them. If it possible break it into smaller parts.
  3. To cover unexpected as well as expected app behavior under test start with cases for intended functionality in accordance with requirements when writing test cases. After that write test cases for invalid conditions.
  4. Testing approach. While testing, try to think positive. Just intend to find some defects in it. As experience shows you likely find some.
  5. Make sure all requirements are testable. In order to achieve it write test case in requirement analysis and design phase itself.
  6. Save the time of re-work. Don’t wait till find more bugs while writing test cases. Let developers know about already detected ones to make program qualitative.
  7. In order to make manual regression testing quicker and more efficient firs you need to do is to identify your test cases for it, if possible.
  8. Performance testing. This is very important part of testing for lots of software at the same time it is often overlooked in manual testing, but you can ask developer to write some basic scripts to create test data for performance.
  9. To write a good report as well as to make your life easier, make notes about testing progress and observations in it. Note down concepts, terms you discovered while testing and all the code changes that are done for testing purpose.

Testing is a creative task and every tester knows something new under testing. Everybody makes mistakes. Just try to make your mistakes rarely getting new experience from it.

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