8 Tips for Drawing Testing Ideas from Your Users

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 12/18/2013

8 Tips for Drawing Testing Ideas from Your Users

Testing Ideas To do a comprehensive and highly relevant testing one should constantly search for new ideas for testing. You can ask for these from analysts, developers, directors and marketers, but the most valuable share will be brought in by customers since their perception is number one for testers.

So, here are 8 suggestions about how you can get guaranteed software testing ideas from users, customers and visitors.

  1. Break out the traffic reports by unique and new visitors, browser, location, entrance and exit page, keywords, referring links etc. This will give you valuable insights into the needs, wishes and behaviors of your customers.
  2. To learn about users’ motivation more accurately, ask them questions, make them fill in the text entry box, involve building in question logic and ordinal value scales.
  3. The user comments to your blog posts can reveal some significant keywords or natural phrases that you can use later in your calls-to-action and messaging. Also look for mentions about favorable features, your product, services, complaints or competitors references to inspire new tests.
  4. Since the words used by customers can produce some internal messaging, the testimonials will also be of use to you.
  5. Get ideas from reviews of other sites. You can either test the treatments emphasizing positive review elements or draw new testing opportunities from criticism and problematic reviews.
  6. Users’ on-site behavior and their content engagement is another treasury of testing ideas since knowing the site and content elements users interact with the most suggest a certain mindset for test creation.
  7. Social media aggregates a lot of ways of hunting for testing ideas allowing you to track reviews, ask questions, measure engagement, spark discussions etc.
  8. You can as well resort to customer service department. Reviewing transcripts of supports calls, email exchanges and chat sessions can help reveal hidden benefits, problem areas, relevant language and offer new ideas for testing.

Since testing process aims to ensure that the product faces all the user expectations, testers should aspire to get to know their customers better and inform testing decisions with their opinions. Leveraging information got from customers will lead testers to new test optimization ideas and more effective tests.

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