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8 Differences of True Testers from Fake Ones

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 03/1/2013

8 Differences of True Testers from Fake Ones

How to distinguish true geniuses from fake testers?

The list of eight differences between real and fake testers:

1. Real testers are at one with the project

To benefit a project a tester must:

2. True testers are able to design tests

To do this, any testing begins with a study of the product, factors affecting its performance and their subsequent decomposition into equivalence classes.

3. True testers understand the architecture of the software being tested

Having learned how software works, a tester:

4. True testers are experts in communication

Testers must not only find and register a bug. They need to do everything possible to make it easy and fun to correct a bug.

5. True testers are also well versed in the applied areas

They need to know how the product works, the user, his mental model, how to use the product, in what conditions and how.

6. True testers cannot be experts

It is impossible to be an expert in the emerging industry. New techniques and approaches constantly appear, methodological base is negligibly small and changing continuously.

7. True testers choose goals, not means

Each project has its own working conditions as well as each team, and effective testing is always determined by the context!

When true testers decide to introduce anything, they say: “It will be useful for our project, because…”

8. True testers love their work, love their products and are constantly developing

True testers love their work and always find creativity in it.

True testers love their products. It is impossible to like testing and destruction at the same time.

True testers are constantly developing young fledgling industry!

As for conclusion true testers usually make it by themselves!

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