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7 Types of Testers: Gather the Perfect Team

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 07/29/2013

7 Types of Testers: Gather the Perfect Team

Testing is not an occupation. It is more like a hobby, a dedication, a lifestyle. That means testing is hard to be done alone or by casual teams. When picking up the testers team your first aim is to ensure tasks they will face will be completed in full and in a timely manner. That means you should know the main kinds of testers in order to evaluate them during selection and compose a perfect team.

Here is a brief list of the main kinds of testers in our opinion for a great team:

  1. Administrator-like tester. He will pay equal or even bigger attention to filling forms and checking lists rather than actually testing. Having one in team would be great though to have the reports done on time. He should never work alone or the tasks will most likely not be completed.
  2. Tech- like tester. He is fond of testing, but he prefers doing it with the help of tools and he actually enjoys using tools more than testing on his own. Having a couple of these in a team would be great to ensure they compete and strive to do their tasks better than the other one.
  3. Analyst-like tester. This kind likes creating models and doing approximations before doing the actual task. Having one in team may be useful to get a wider view at the task and help improving the work quality. Just ensure he does not spend all of his time creating testing models instead of testing the real tasks.
  4. Social kind of tester. They are usually popular within the staff. In case they cannot do the entire job, they can ask the one who can – so the tasks will be surely done. This tester cannot work alone as he needs team to feel nice. Just don’t let him talk too much instead of working.
  5. Emphatic kind of tester. This kind thinks rather like an end user and is perfect for finding bugs and issues the user will surely encounter. They usually have a good approach to make the software really convenient for end users and therefore are quite useful. Just make sure they act like testers, not like users all of the time.
  6. User-like tester. This kind of testers thinks of themselves as users, not testers. They try to make the app as convenient and usable as possible. Their approach is really client-friendly and encouraging, but they tend not to progress and improve their testing skills.
  7. Developer-like tester. These testers are perfect for final stages of the process as their approach ensures testability and usability of the product. They try to run all the possible commands and make use of all the possible features of the application, like the developers do. Just make sure they do develop their testing skills and not stagnate on the same level for long.

If you are able to compose a team of several types, your testing quality will be unrivaled!

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