7 Things You Should Know When Set to Outsource Your Testing

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 06/12/2014

7 Things You Should Know When Set to Outsource Your Testing


Outsource your testingIn case you are not ready to rely on your service provider with the full software development lifecycle, it may be more comfortable for you to try outsourcing a discrete, but nevertheless vital, part of your project – testing.

Once you’ve decided to follow the outsourced software testing route, mind the following things you are likely to meet on your way and some valuable tips you’ll need.

  1. Your internal people won’t be happy to see you’ve brought an outside service vendor to test their systems. But if the vendor’s doing a great job, the attitude will change for the better. Make it clear for your internal staff that these outsiders won’t replace them, but they have much to teach your employees.
  2. The right provider of testing services can serve as a key to offshore expertise. Be prepared that if your project is too large, your testing provider may consider the opportunity of further offshoring some part of it if this is profitable for their and your companies.
  3. It’s a bad idea to ask your code development provider to do your testing. QA needs objectivity towards the written code, that’s why if you ask one provider to build anything and then to check how qualitative it is, the results will be the matter of their reputation, not the matter of product quality.
  4. Your plans for testing are better declared up front, along with your app specifications. Many companies still develop first and test last which leads to the wrong attitude to QA and vague testing goals. Rather than laying blame, testing aims to quantify test results to the customer and educate programmers in order to let them move to the next app lifecycle phase with checks and balances.
  5. Multi-vendor scenarios demand tight management and proper service level agreements. Besides, it’s important that individuals involved are diplomatic. When it comes to deciding whose fault it is that something goes wrong in the process of your cooperation with a testing provider, the justice should be found in the things agreed upon and documented from the start.
  6. If you have poorly documented systems, expect your service provider to need more time to grow working speed. This in turn means you’ll have to pay higher fees. After a testing vendor examines your app’s complexity and documentation and training amount that may be necessary, negotiate on the time and fees properly.
  7. The QA part of your project budget is variable. How much budget resources the testing will soak up depends on your app nature, required functionality and security measures. Testing takes from a week to several months, therefore you should mind your priorities and select the most appropriate business model for them.

Consider the mentioned tips to get well prepared for challenges testing outsourcing can hide for your business.

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