7 Online Resources You’ll Need to Do Usability Testing On Your Site

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 08/7/2014

7 Online Resources You’ll Need to Do Usability Testing On Your Site

Usability testingOnce you’ve finished building your project and tested its operation, it’s time to remember about one more important aspect which will determine your site’s success after release – usability. You need to test your site’s usability and the easiest way to do this is hiring third party organizations specializing in usability. If you don’t have money for that and the time allows you to learn usability testing tips to do your site’s UX by yourself, then go ahead and try it, too.

Whatever option you choose when it comes to usability testing, we have 7 great online resources for you to get started.

Hiring third party experts

If you’ve chosen the first option of doing usability testing and are looking for good vendors that can do it best, we have a few of them to recommend. But first, you should consider how much budget you can spend on this campaign and which options you’d like to have during your site’s usability testing process.

You may like to:

Your budget facilities and the availability of usability testing features such as mentioned above should drive your choice of vendor.

3 usability testing vendor resources:

  1. User Testing offers many options you can choose from. For example, their 5-participant plan can be arranged for about $165. This vendor lets you watch the video record of testing participants expressing their thoughts while browsing your site, and their written response to your questions submitted beforehand. The test is available to set up both for PC and mobile devices.
  2. Open Hallway lets you create test scenarios of your own, record the participants either remotely or locally, as well as watch video results in your browser. Their basic plan will cost $49 per month providing you with 1Gb of storage limit for unlimited tests, or 3 video hours, as well as enhanced security including SSL data transmission.
  3. Beta Breakers, a QA lab, tests websites and software holding usability testing as their niche. Their website testing aims to identify, document, and resolve issues compromising user experience. Depending on your requests, their experienced team will test your website for functional and compatibility compliance with different platforms.

Doing usability testing yourself

This option is more suitable for startups and tech-fluent managers. Usability testing is not a thing difficult to master, but you’ll need patience and careful research to do it well.

4 DIY usability testing resources

  1. Usability.gov is a great source teaching web designers how to make their sites more usable, accessible, and useful. The site tackles a wide range of factors going into website design and development. This service will help you plan and design your site’s usability by collecting data about users’ needs, building prototypes, carrying out usability tests and drawing up the results, and measuring demographics and trends.
  2. Usability Testing Demystified is an insightful article on the classic procedure of doing website usability testing by A List Apart.
  3. Web Usability Best Practices feature best practices of web design by Tuft’s University.
  4. General check list on testing sites web applications and sites highlights the key points and principles of testing a web site’s usability.

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