6 Tools for Web Software Functionality QA

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 01/9/2014

6 Tools for Web Software Functionality QA

functional testingThough the importance of manual testing of a product in real world conditions, also known as in-the-wild testing, is constantly stressed, there is also a significant need in automation testing tools. Whether to do it manually, or use tool for functional testing is up to you and you project’s format.

Presented below is the list of 6 helpful test tools you are definitely going to like.

This tool features a web development and testing infrastructure. It helps to simplify the testing process by means of capture engine implementation. A web proxy records testers’ actions by using some browser, and after that replays them during the testing process. It supports certificates along with a range of simple tests like response status, cookie setting, pattern matching and many others. WebTst features an extensible system of plug-ins as well. It requires POSIX and Linux.

This is a collection of test runner, source browser, framework as well as API hooks for customized reports. It’s suitable for those testing against regressions and developing the test-first style. MozUnit goes as a part of MozLab being a suite of libraries and tools for AJAX and Mozilla developers of applications packaged as an extension for Firefox.

This one is a framework designed for testing applications like Tcl, Java C, C++ and network applications as well as for embedded systems cross-testing. It provides all tests with a single front end and can be viewed as Tcl procedures custom library crafted for support writing of a test harness.  It operates on Windows, POSIX and MacOS.

This testing framework built around Ant in the framework of the Apache Jakarta Project provides a good way to write tests aimed at checking your XML web service’s or web application’s functionality. It is independent from OS.

The tool allows you to record and play back the tests written in Flex and Flash. Its website displays a live sample. It is supported by Windows or Flash.

This tool is an open source API built to create Java QA software.

These tools will ensure the painless functional testing of your products.

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