6 Reasons Why Quality Assurance Is So Difficult

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 02/21/2013

6 Reasons Why Quality Assurance Is So Difficult

QA became very important part of creating highly qualitative software product. But there are many challenges can arise both for clients and software testers. Let’s consider the most important ones:

  1. Software industry is relatively young
    Software industry is about 50 years old. In comparison with architecture, trading or merchandising it is nothing. And we have to overcome the thorny path of the errors and attempts to build the robust approach to new challenges. Besides, hardware and operating systems are updated with the rapid speed and software folk must adapt to this environment. Once tester detect bug and fix it, new one can arise again.
  2. Lack of users contribution
    User is an authority person while development. Even if your app functions properly and highly secured, you’ll loss users if your app doesn’t provide them with usability. Actually, this is the main goal of usability testing. Even if testers find an error during execution of usability testing, usually developers say that an app still works as intended. Intuitive of software can be also lost by tester if he or she works under the project from the beginning.
  3. Usually users don’t know what they want until they see it
    If the project is provided by the lack of users requirements, especially if the project aims to implement a new idea that never used before, it’s hard to understand what users want (even from the user point of view). To understand it, they need to see it and use it. Testers can only guess how users will respond to the software.
  4. It’s easy pretty easy to become software engineer
    Learning programming language is much easier than delivering high-quality software. You can easy entry testing world, but adversely affect project. Or even if you are not experienced but potentially good tester, you can still make lots of mistakes.
  5. Any part of software (code or its implementation) can include a potential failure
    Each line of the code can include hidden weaknesses, as it has plenty of possible outputs, inputs, states to deal with. It’s impossible to test the new app thoroughly within limited time and material resources. Even if you have unlimited resources, there are could be overlooked bugs in the system.
  6. Estimation is an art not a science
    QA departments very often face with wrong established deadline, as usually it is set by other departments. While the time frames for development are usually extended if necessary, testers have much shorter deadlines with constantly pressure.

This is just a tip of the iceberg. There are also many challenges for QA departments that make it so difficult and demanded at the same time.

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