5 WordPress A/B Testing Plugins You Should Be Using

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 05/28/2014

5 WordPress A/B Testing Plugins You Should Be Using

WordPress A/B testingWhenever you want to increase product sells or email subscribers’ number, you should help yourself with quality assurance software testing. To separate what works and what doesn’t, you need to run A/B, or split, tests.

You can start improving conversions on your WordPress –powered blog with these tests right after you learn the following free A/B testing plugins.

  1. SES Theme Split Test

When you appear in the situation when it’s difficult to decide between two or more WordPress themes, this plugin will help you leave that decision up to the visitors by letting you test between the themes. Whether you are going to use absolutely different themes or several versions of one theme, the plugin makes the process easy either way. One more great feature of the plugin is the ability to track testing right through Google analytics without going backwards to it.

  1. Title Split Testing

This easy-to-use and straightforward plugin focuses on optimizing a single site aspect – titles. While this may seem not very much reality shows titles are important since if users aren’t attracted by the title to view the article, all your further efforts to engage them are in vain. This is a powerful tool you should use to raise your average on-site time and reduce the bounce rate in order to improve your site’s UX and rank better according to Google’s ranking algorithm.

  1. Max A/B

The plugin lets you keep everything your site contains and gives all the data up to the minute leaving no necessity to wait around for the data to refresh, etc. With Max A/B you can get started right with an original page and 3 variations followed by the conversion page. This plugin allows for unlimited experiments, though its only drawback is compatibility only with pages but no posts.

  1. WP Test Monkey

The plugin is an original solution for testing different elements in any post or page within a WordPress site, such as headlines, prices, CTA, etc. While it’s absolutely easy to use since no complicated systems are involved, mind that you only can run one test with 2 tested elements at a time.

  1. Google Content Experiments

This plugin is designed to help non-developers easily install Google content experiments on a website. Once it’s done, activate the plugin, go to the post/page screen in WordPress, activate and paste your code in and click ‘update’.

Now that you know exactly which tools to use for your A/B QA software testing campaign, you are ready start improving your conversions and website’s income.

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