5 Tips on Successful Testing in a Crazy Pace


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It is always hard to create software that would fulfill all customer needs, especially when it comes to an agile project. Most teams find it challenging and deliver half-done low-quality products. The article will present you 5 tips on how not to lose face delivering excellent solution resorting to agile approach.

#1 Gather a team

First tip is more like a must. Having no team you won’t success. But it is not actually easy to create a collaborative atmosphere where all roles should work together. Developers and testers are different. So while combining those in one team a Collaborative Culture will definitely come in handy.

The most important issues include:

  • Trust – is a foundation of successful teamwork
  • Collaborative culture including shared goals, collaborative leadership, shared rules or norms and model of the truth
  • Reward, which is not one of financial nature

Here tools can appear helpful. TMap for the Visual Studio 2010 Testing Process template gives testing a significant place which can help a tester get on board quicker. There is also a manual tool MTM (Microsoft Test Manager) which can be helpful in getting the team more connected showing the main points where it is not seamless to resort to collaboration.

#2 The acceptance tests should be written logically

Adhering to this tip you will bring the benefits for the team allowing get the acceptance criteria in such test cases. Thus the team will easily understand the item. But the main benefit is that testers begin to feel involved and important at the beginning of the software cycle.

#3 Use a business and risk driven approach while testing

Testing is useless when there is no business risk. Besides, a good healthy practice is to conduct risk analysis before writing hundreds of test cases. Risk also proves to be a significant factor in Scrum.

#4 Regression Sets

In order to achieve good ROI one should have a clear understanding of which tests should be executed within regression testing. So it is vital to collect a well done regression set. Numerous approaches how to get these regressions sets are based on business value and risk classifications. The regression set MUST be automated. See how and when in tip#5 on automated testing.

#5 Automated Testing

While testing every activity costs money and needs time. So companies aim at getting maximum efficiency of testing. Without doubt adding automation saves your time thus saving money, but its creation and maintenance simultaneously cost time and money. To calculate the test automation’s ROI is not easy. One should think of how much time the test automation will be relevant in the project and number of times the validation should be executed.

Using these tips you will be able to make your testing effort working more efficiently in all kinds of projects.

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