5+ Tips On Smart User Test Building


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Usability Testing

There are a lot of errors to watch out for when you create your first user tests. Though building a perfect user test is difficult, the following tips will surely make you near to perfection. To ensure your test methods are rational and sound, assume a scientific perception.

Smart User Test Building:

  • Define your product’s problems, make up hypotheses about them, test these hypotheses, inspect the results, improve them and test again.
  • Build hypotheses based on different data such as user research, analytics, team insights, competitive analysis, heuristic evaluations etc. First test the hypotheses in which you don’t see clear problems – they may reveal some new issues.
  • As for the test structure, follow a natural test flow starting with some general tasks like homepage exploration and moving logically to more involved tasks.
  • Mind the leading language. Use most leading instructions while testing the pass/failure of the feature, and least leading instructions in case of behavioral flows.
  • Spend time on targeting and recruiting correct test subjects for your user testing. Only people similar to your target audience can test your product effectively.
  • Use assistance of your development team if a complicated flow under live test environment conditions needs testing. Include your team members into the planning and implementation of the test and see to the product to be ready for testing stage.
  • Carry out a pilot test by asking anybody not involved to run you test before it is open to the public. In this way you’ll have a chance to detect and remove some grammar errors, possible misconceptions and solve some overlooked technical product issues. This will improve the test flow and give you better results after actual testing.

Following these simple guidelines will avoid many problems in building user test and add to your testing skill set. If you have any questions about user tests BugHuntress team can provide you high quality software testing consulting services.

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