5 Tips on How to Hunt for Bugs Successfully


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Every tester tries to get rid of as many bugs as possible. In such a way, a tester can protect the company from additional financial losses and risks.

5 tips to help you:

1. Sometimes it is useful to break the rules!

Following test cases which were pre-defined a tester can miss bugs so it makes it impossible to provide a product that is 100% bug-free.If you follow predetermined test cases you risk becoming blind to the outside bugs. The first secret is to check functionality under test. It will be an effective way to discover more bugs because the functionality is not usually covered by test cases.

2. Examine patterns!

You may have noticed that bugs can be often met in groups, one can call them gregarious. Testing a new but similar functionality you should turn to your previous testing ideas and decisions. It’s also a good advice to note your test ideas that have already helped you in bugs fixing.

3. Bring the bug to its knees!

Do not be in a hurry to log the bug you have found in your bug report. This can be just the beginning! A bug indicates software loose link. While the system is unstable your task is to abuse it more. Feeding a huge number of insane inputs, firing up data inputs gallons, reducing system resources you can soon witness the presence of another earlier bug.

4. Pay attention to your presentiment of coming bugs!

Coming bugs can really make a sound! Different background sounds can be forerunners of the bugs. So make it a rule to wear you headset while hunting bugs. In such way you will be able to hear warning messages, error boxes, etc. which cannot appear on your screen for some reasons but be witnesses of bugs’ presence.

5. Two heads are better than one!

Though a tester is required to be full of ideas, nevertheless there can be cases when a tester has no one to uncover the bug. This is the time to ask your colleagues for help. Testing together at the same time helps generate new test ideas. Another plus of pair testing is that you work more intently having the feeling of “being watched”. But collaboration which lasts for a long time can lead to tunnel vision.

So there are few of the secrets that will help you while hunting bugs. Try them and then see if you can catch more bugs than you had been catching before.

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