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5 Tips on Effective Offshore QA Team Management

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 06/9/2014

5 Tips on Effective Offshore QA Team Management

It is a popular solution for large businesses nowadays which has many benefits. TestFort and many other offshore software testing  appeared due to the readiness of companies to outsource their product quality issues offshore and gain mutual advantages from such an organization of the working process.

In view of this situation, management processes have evolved respectively. Outsourcing companies often establish several offices across the world to extend their reach for customers and facilitate many associated issues.

If you are involved in managing a testing QA team of people located in different offshore offices, the following tips are for you.

Get to know your QA team members

Starting with the correct spelling and pronunciation of your colleagues’ names, try to better know them and make them know each other in order to strengthen your personal and communication bonds you need while working together. It’s a good idea to ask your QA team members to make simple one-sliders about themselves including a photo and some basic information.

Be a strong communicator & handle the language barrier

When you are working with people located offshore, communication skills gain even a more important value. You need to practice your communication skills and encourage that every team member learns English which is the language most frequently used for international business communication and documentation. It’s also essential to have assistants in those offices where the team members are not very good at English writing and can’t arrange the reports properly.

Arrange the realistic onshore-offshore balance

If your company delivers both development and testing services and has offshore offices, it’s tempting to assign the whole testing part to an offshore team. But this is a trap you don’t want to get in. Rather than thinking of the offshore percent of workload you’d like to reach in the project to reduce your target cost, look at what you are really able to offshore considering such issues as complexity of your business processes, accessibility constraints of the testing systems, etc.

 Effective Offshore QA Team Management

Adapt your issue management process

Most projects use management tools for documenting and tracking defects since these can be operated from either onshore or offshore locations. However, many projects miss out on issue management for resolving some functional, technical and business related queries offshore team might face during test phases. That’s why you should make sure your offshore team uses some web-powered document management system properly.

Manage the documentation on your deliverables properly

Work out a set of guidelines on documentation management covering test scenarios, test scripts, test execution and results documentation. Choose the right test management tool for your company’s needs bearing in mind their effectiveness and accessibility across different locations.

Use these tips to minimize the inconvenience of your offshore testing QA team’s remote location and to manage it more effectively.

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