5 Tips for Successful Software Testing Interview

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 09/18/2012

5 Tips for Successful Software Testing Interview

Software testing

Whether you are a newbie or pro in testing it could happen that you need to find a new job. There is a lot of factors influence on your behavior during the interview. This is not excluded that you can be nervous and screw up even if you know everything about software testing process. Thus first you need is to recover control of your temper and focus on your knowledge. We want to share with you useful experience and show the most important things you need to know about software testing to get a job.

How to prepare for software testing job interview?

What you need to know about testing

Preparing to the interview try to know what testing domains this company works in. Even if you have never faced it before, try to learn more about this concept. The other most important thing you should know is which type/technique/concept can be used at what stage of SDLC.

You should be perfect in what you mention in your resume

As you were chosen because of your resume, probably your interviewer would ask you about your CV’s information. Remember: never try to decorate your resume with skills you had never worked on. You must be not just aware of what you wrote in, you must perfectly know it.

If your interviewer will ask you to demonstrate your experience, show everything you can.

Find out more about the project

Before testing look into design document, sequence diagram, architecture doc and flow diagram instead of looking into requirement doc.

Try to upgrade your skills in the next areas

Check the entire apps if any data was lost. To make sure apps has database connection check for data updating, etc.

The key point

If you have a big background, you should show it. Ensure your interviewer that you had a lot of challenges and tested applications. Don’t be unenterprising or passive. Show your interest in this job. If you don’t know the answer for any question say so, don’t walk around!

You should never forget that you need to present yourself as a rare and necessary resource for this company. Don’t make interviewer feel like this is the only and last chance for you and smile!

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