5 Things You Should Test in Your Online Shop

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 04/17/2014

5 Things You Should Test in Your Online Shop

online shoppingIn early days IT software testing handling an online shop meant righting much custom code, running the test as well as tracking results. With a range of various testing tools available today, site-wide tests are no longer a technical hurdle. Running your A/B test is just as easy as copy-pasting a script snippet in your website templates.

Given the relative easiness of test everything on the e-commerce site, your first challenge is to choose your tests’ priority. For this, you should have a conversion optimization plan addressing all your key customer or prospect touch points throughout their journeys on your site.

Therefore, here are five top areas online shop owners need to test in their e-commerce sites.

Making your visitors click some specific product page means your win since they are interested. That’s why it’s crucial to make your most of every visit. However, the common product page template has lots of information like product’s photos, details, description, specifications and other options visitors can choose from, for example, color, sizes or models. This can be too much to digest, of course, but understanding what’s the most important in the visitor’s decision-taking process is your key. Mind, though, that what works for some other sites might not necessarily work for yours.

These are another prime opportunity for testing. Category pages show your products’ breadth and range organized in similar groups. They are intended to help your visitors effectively and quickly find their wanted product category. Such pages usually have lots of conveyed information. Thus, finding your right balance as well as emphasis on your site’s uniqueness is crucial. Visitors are scanning and searching for some information they require in order to select the products and explore it in detail.

The home page just as well provides a rich source for testing opportunities if the site owner can dodge some inevitable political hurdles it can create. Having top-management support with no sacred cows can manage these. Otherwise, you are recommended to start with some less sensitive page.

Most e-commerce sites feature their call-to-action which is repeated throughout the whole site. That’s a persistent CTO. Provided the exposure of these elements, it’s worth testing them in order to boost conversions.

On e-commerce sites, either the checkout path or lead generation forms are the key conversion point. Forms are often left to developers’ design, and insufficient time is usually spent on testing these crucial elements’ flow. Optimizing forms with careful testing may have a truly huge impact on conversion rates. Given that, think how much profit you can possibly get by overall testing of the checkout process of your shopping cart as well.

If your IT app testing strategy aimed at your online shop implements at least these key things, its success with visitors is guaranteed.

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