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5 Steps of the Testing Process

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 10/15/2012

5 Steps of the Testing Process

Of course the main goal of software testing is finding bugs. There are also many other factors of the equal importance which help to complete testing execution. Software must comply with all the technical and business requirements. Thus verifying and validating software to ensure that it works properly without any issues is other important goal of testing process. Let’s find out the main steps of software testing.

Note scope of Testing

The very important thing of software is that it must work perfectly only under certain circumstances not under all conditions. So the testing team should understand the aim of the software. They should read thoughtfully and analyze the documents and requirements created before software development. In case if the task isn’t clear they should discuss all the details with developers.

Decide Testing Terms

The next stage is deciding the main terms of testing. Make sure you aware of the client’s requirements and decided the main approaches like technique and tools that will be used within the testing process. Make sure you estimated time and budget provided for its execution to avoid any issues.

Define Testing Tasks

The next step is to decide tasks you need to complete in each phase of testing life cycle. Also you need to decide all the documents will be delivered to developers and to the end user to keep them informed.

Identify all the Phases and Strategies

You should decide all the dates of phases and the responsibilities of testers and developers. The bug report must show details of test cases. Then it should be passed to the manager. If any defects were arising the report is sent back to developer. This is so-called retesting strategy in order to complete the process and fix defects. At the last stage any new bug can be created, so the software must be checked again, so-called regression testing strategy.

Closure process

On this step all the documents are gathered. Every confusing detail must be discussed to avoid any risk in the future project execution.

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