4 Sites Which Will Effectively Check Your Blog’s Performance

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 05/12/2014

4 Sites Which Will Effectively Check Your Blog’s Performance

The loading speed of your blog is important since it helps you increase your user engagement and improve the user experience. Additionally, Google takes performance into consideration as one of the important metrics of rank websites in its search engine. Given the above, most bloggers have already realized the importance of web application performance testing.

4 sites featuring helpful tools for checking speed and performance:

  1. Google Page Speed

This great open-source tool is intended to check your page speed online, evaluate its performance and provide suggestions about the possible ways to improve these.

  1. Iwebtool

The tool provides the ability to simultaneously compare ten pages. You can also check the homepage, categories and posts’ loading time in just one click.

  1. Neustar Web Performance

This free tool by Neustar, a company offering website monitoring and load testing services, checks a site speed and performance and provides tons of information on the speed of your web page such as total page weight, average load time, page objects number, etc.

  1. Ping Dom

The tools let you check the load time of every website object including html, images, iframes, Javascript, css and others. It’s also possible to test the time every element in your website takes to load and improve your slow-loading items. In the test results’ summary you will see the report about your site loading time, each element’s loading time, the total elements’ number and element sizes.

Use the given tools to ensure your blog works well and only benefits you.

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