5 Reasons to Justify Difficulty of Testing Process

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 12/24/2013

5 Reasons to Justify Difficulty of Testing Process

being testerIt is commonly agreed that anyone can become a tester. However effective testing is nowhere near as easy as getting a tester’s job.

Here are 5 major reasons for this.

  1. Software Immaturity

Since the computing industry is about 50 years old, there is not so much experience gathered to deal with all issues of software development. It’s even more complicated as software is rapidly changing causing testers more headaches even before they master all techniques for detecting at least existing common bugs. The situation is compounded by constant development of IT such as operating systems, hardware and add-ons that pose yet more new computing issues while testers are still struggling with older ones.

  1. Complex and Unpredictable Code

Every line of code basically hides many chances for errors since a single line conditions multiple possible inputs, outputs and dependencies and influence the rest of code. The matter is that testers have to test the whole product created by this code which means there can be innumerable external factors causing bugs that testers may not even know and aren’t able to cope with. However much time and resources the testing team had, it still could hardly do an overall 100% testing of the product. The fact that testers and developers don’t normally work alongside only aggravates the present state of things.

  1. Usability Issue

The whole developing department suffers from lack of a user representative who could insure the product is going to be user-friendly. Ideally this person should be a domain expert, committed to the project timescale and authorized to make decisions. Instead, usability testers too often face the problem of the product being not intuitive enough for end users while developers seem too much engaged with code and not caring about usability at all.

  1. Indefinite Customer Requirements

Another problem arising too frequently is that customers, due to their software incompetence, know exactly what they want only when they see and try out the finished product. This is disturbing both for testers and developers, still testers bear more responsibility for usability failure. The problem is testers don’t usually fall under the product demographic and only do guesswork about customers’ reaction to the results. To deal with this issue it makes sense to involve ‘testing in the wild’ when the product is handled by pro testers representing target demographic.

  1. Lack of Professionals

Since everybody can easily enter the IT industry and they don’t have to submit a certificate when hiring as a tester, IT specialists abound everywhere. However due to this condition there is a great quality gap in the testing industry. There too many novices and too few professionals yet.

We’ve still got a long way to go in order to do better testing and produce safer software, but the prospects of our job are even richer yet.

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