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5 Pieces of Advice for Designing Test Data before Test Cases

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 10/5/2012

5 Pieces of Advice for Designing Test Data before Test Cases

Designing Test Data

While testing you need to be sure that you won’t miss an important test case because of wrong data or incorrect setting up process. Thus before executing testing all the test environment should be prepared for it. Let’s try to figure out some details.


Preparing test data is a part of the test setup. Test data is any kind of input data to the app, entries from the database tables or file that was loaded by the application. Requirement data can be picked from the prior defined data location.

So called testbed preparation is a preparing of test data process. While writing test cases you need to have the approach to create the data according to your needs to avoid any data missing. Don’t rely on created by other tester test data, it could be not updated. In case if creation of the new test data for each build is not possible, you can use the standard production data.


Instead of relying on standard production data try to create something different and accorded to your own needs.


Don’t ever practice to file a bug without proper troubleshooting, make sure that app can read the data source and data isn’t corrupted.


Try to make your test data ideal. If for the less size of data set all app bugs get identified, you can call such test data ideal. When creating your own data additional to the existing standard production data, don’t forget keep it in terms of time and cost.


Keep your data intact. There are some cases when few testers work together. Of course both of them will have an access to test data and each will try to customize it as he/she wants. Try to keep personal copies of your data collection in order to keep it intact. You can save it in any formats such as excel, word file or any photo file.

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