5 of World’s Best Tips for QA in Terms of Business


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Businesses must learn primary QA principals despite their area of interest as both software and especially quality software is an expected necessity in the 21st century. However this knowledge cannot be gained from simple tips or best practices as those are acceptable in only a narrow amount of scenarios. Experience in multiple QA processes, on the contrary, can teach quite a lot.

Thus we offer a list of solid, working guidelines we at BugHuntress have already proven to work perfectly throughout more than a decade of testing. Please feel free to consider these practices and rest assured: usage of them will dramatically improve software testing services you might require and some of these tips can even give you the edge in terms of planning, negotiation and creation of requirements from your future partners.

  • Automation is one of your major keys towards success. Automating routine, repeated tasks will save you both time and additional resources. Sure implementation of automation testing may seem expensive; however long-term benefits and ROI remain this matter out of question.
  • Notes save lives in QA environments. Figuratively speaking, of course. You will learn new things every single day. Employees will deliver updates from the project. Some may seem pointless; however in QA everything has a meaning. And a good habit of making notes can simplify your quest towards roots of a newly emerged issue. It is also great to keep notes of given commands and tasks to ensure nothing is repeated twice or more without a reason.
  • Now, that notes were covered it’s time to point out communication best practices. After all there is but one: communication must be kept written. Verbal efforts and orders won’t do the tick and will leave absolutely no traceable background behind them. People tend to forget things accidentally and even on purpose. And still one cannot forget something that was written.
  • Ensure full cycle testing. One perspective is never enough to locate all bugs and defects. All sources of information like various kinds and sorts of documentation can and should be used throughout testing. Too many businesses, especially those that have embraced agile methodologies have allowed their developers and testers neglect documentation and that was their fatal error.
  • Learn new things. Always, constantly update your knowledge, especially with all that involves the world of Information Technology that changes and shifts way too often.

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