5 Facts You Need To Know from 2015’s World Quality Report


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QA and software testing are processes that require both skill and dedication. They are unique in a curious way: although there is no two identical QA projects we pretty much use same technologies, tools and methodologies. This has led to development of an industry with standards, ideas, preferences, and, of course, numerous studies and researches. World Quality Report is one of the most respected ones. This research is conducted by Sogeti and Capgemini together with HP and displays a pretty accurate picture of what is currently going on with QA as well with what’s most certain to happen shortly.

Food for thought

Let’s begin with good news. The report is showing numerous businesses and organizations today are dedicating more attention to quality if their solutions. The digital transformation has brought more apps and software elements into literally all domains and industries of business. By the way here is a fan fact: 55% of businesses believe that app functionality tends to change ‘too quickly”, and they consider this fact as their largest challenge.

The desire to gain control over new technologies has led to a stable 9% year over year increase in QA and testing budget increase. Approximately a half of these budgets (around 49%) goes for maintenance of processes responsible for ensuring app functionality is completely suitable for business use. This means insurance of business requirements may be considered the most vital factor of today’s software testing.

5 Facts for you

Here are several things you are probably experiencing as a QA tester, or you will shortly. Brace yourselves, more tests are coming!

  1. Testing should focus on ensuring flawless customer experience. 79% of businesses consider customer experience the most vital factor of any piece of software. The market has found a new key deliverable, with but one factor that can be called as important. But we will get to security matters later on.
  2. DevOps, end-to-end automation and investments in proper requirements. Those are the activities, tools and functionality businesses have started to invest more money in. 59% of questioned businesses state that nearly (if not more) a half of their investments go for DevOps. By the way, not only is software tested today, but test ecosystems themselves are put under test.
  3. More agility within shorter lifecycles. More budget is now dedicated to both DevOps and agile practices. This mostly happens due actual development and testing lifecycles are getting shorter by the day, while the demand for appropriate testing only rises.
  4. Security, security, and even more security! The only factor that is as valued (if not more) than user experience is application security. In fact, 4 out of 5 businesses claim that security is their primary concern and the main reason testing is done in the first place.
  5. New roles have risen, tailored to fit new demands of QA and software testing. The fact that both agile and DevOps are being embraced by an ever-increasing number of businesses, surely new roles needed to arise to meet the challenge head-on. We now have software development test engineers. Could you imagine that 5 years ago?

So, get up and get ready to embrace the brave new world of more QA in less time and with new teammates! What were your ideas of the future?

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