5 essentials For Testing Successfully


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Testing & QA

You can’t imagine a car driving fine with but one wheel. Even three will not be enough for the car to drive as it was created to. The same happening takes place in software testing. There are 5 essentials you can’t miss or skip otherwise the entire process will fall apart like a house of cards on a windy afternoon.

Here is the top five list you are to consider before you even begin to test your software:

  • Strategy. Why are you testing software? For it to pass tests? Not at all. The purpose is detection and elimination of defects. Thus tests are to be quite challenging for the code under test. In the Testing Strategy the best approaches to testing your particular application will be determined. But that is not all. You are also to determine the flow of testing, the order in which you will be testing part X with method Y. What is just the right amount of effort you are to spend on one test? Strategize. The strategy has to be based on the requirements to the application under test. Resources are never endless and are not something you may waste here and there. That is why Strategy is number on in our list. But still it, as any other of these five essentials, is not standing out. It’s not the most relevant one as all of these points are equal.
  • Plan. The Testing Plan is a curtail part of the Project Plan that is explaining the tasks dedicated to testing itself. When do testers begin their work, when are they finished testing, the effort that has to be put to certain tasks, etc. The preparations have to be included here as well.
  • Cases. Automated Testing Scripts are also from this origin. This little assistants are to be prepared with respect to the Testing Strategy. The Strategy will tell you how much testing of various types needs to be done. Then all is prioritized with respect to the requirements and the acceptance criteria’s.
  • Data. Test data development is something that usually is constructed along test cases. As there are many values that will be added and removed during the tests in progress the data will be bond to constant updates. But you are never to neglect the true value of data bases as testers will require colossal amounts of information.
  • Environment. Proper equipment has to be in place as well, obviously. You are to test the application under various conditions and to see it the way any user will in order for the tests to be meaningful.

It is curtail all five of these basic elements are in place, otherwise you are actually risking failing the entire project. That is not an event to experience.

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