5 Emerging Software Testing Trends 2017 you cannot ignore

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 08/10/2017

5 Emerging Software Testing Trends 2017 you cannot ignore


The emerging trends in software testing are as fast as lightning. One can be surprised by the impressive number of software testing technologies and trends in QA industry. So, what emerging tendencies in testing and QA in 2017 are worth your attention?

Probably, you have had situations when considering a certain technological innovation you wondered “How could I miss it?” Trends dictate us the best way forward and help win the competition. People who were the first to realize these trends have become the leaders in their industries.

For no reason, talking about the technologies, people often do not mention software testing. Yet, QA helps define the pain points of app, website, or software before the product’s release. Testing helps respond to the problems timely, save the time of developers (as well as company’s spendings), and avoid the disappointment of users who will never use the product again.  For instance, security testing prevents security threats, and regression testing detects bugs. Emerging testing trends is the way to make software better before competitors will do it.

1)The need for Security Testing will increase

Have you noticed how many companies and users have switched to the cloud and mobile services? How long do you use Google Docs or Evernote instead of Microsoft Word?

Apart from all the benefits, IoT, mobile, and cloud environment have some risks and challenges. Needless to say, security is the main concern of cloud services.  Security testing helps avoid cloud attacks and ensure that system of cloud app protects data as intended.

According to Capgemini Quality Report  2016-17, 65% experts said that security is the top priority in testing. Complex businesses switch to cloud services since this option enables global integration. At the same time, personal information shared in the cloud can become public.

Do you remember the scandals over hackers stealing celebrities’ private iCloud photos? Even a giant as Apple suffers from the security problems: its shares dropped 4% after iCloud scandal.  Individuals and companies can lose billions of dollars after hackers’ attacks. It is not surprising that companies pay more attention to security testing and budgets continuously grow.  MarketsandMarkets predicts that the global security testing market will grow to $4.96 billion by 2019 from $2.47 billion in 2014.

We understands all the security threats that applications are vulnerable to. We focus on Cross-site scripting (XSS) and SQL injections as they help to eliminate potential threats and secure the app.

2)   Performance testing will be in demand

Have you stayed on a webpage that does not respond for three seconds or more? Indeed, half of the visitors usually leave the website that needs more than three seconds to load. HubSpot reports that 79% of people disappointed with the web page performance are less likely to buy from this website again. These people are potential clients who can be lost for life.

The site performance is the matter of testing. Performance testing is a placebo for speed since it investigates and improves responsiveness and stability of the  app under particular loadings. Testing helps ensure the app can deal with the high number of users giving fast response and demonstrating ideal performance.

3) Cloud testing will be a cherry on the top

According to Forbes, cloud computing spendings will grow 6 times faster than the IT spending from 2015 through 2020.

Cloud testing is the way to ensure that the app will work correctly in the cloud. Services mix with applications that run on a combination of public, private, hybrid and on premises clouds. The new tendency of serverless apps for mobile with cloud computing platform along with the adoption of the app stream requires new approach to testing of the cloud-based mobile apps.

4) The popularity of DevOps will increase

DevOps is the practice that combines collaboration and communication of software developers and other IT professionals during automating the process of software delivery and infrastructure changes. It creates the environment where development, testing, and release of software happen in a fast and reliable way.

Despite only 10% fully embraced  DevOps in their companies, 73% have started introducing it and 15% consider implementing. We have already launched agile methodologies, including DevOps, and the number of clients who discovered its benefits with us increased. It is likely that the implementation DevOps and agile testing technologies will rise dramatically.

5) Testing budgets will rise

According to the Capgemini World Quality Report, testing budget will rise up to 40% of the entire IT budget. Software testing plays a major role in the quality of software. Timely response to bugs through testing can save a lot of hours and money spent on development. It saves customers from disappointment and helps the companies not to lose their clients. It is likely that companies will spend more on testing and quality than on development.

TestFort will keep you updated on all the testing trends. We put these trends into practice and help our clients chose the testing needed here and now.

Feel free to contact us for more details!

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