5 Effective Tools for Low-Cost Penetration Testing

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 07/23/2014

5 Effective Tools for Low-Cost Penetration Testing

When your product is ready for launch, you’ll want to make sure for one last time that it is as secure as possible and the safety of its valuable data isn’t going to be compromised. Penetration software testing is called to do just that by mimicking the hacker’s actions to identify potential product vulnerabilities. A more detailed explanation of this type of testing software can be found in our previous article on penetration testing.

But as many feel this type of testing is not the key one and refuse to bear additional expenses from the budget, we offer you a list of five great ‘pentesting tools’ that are available for free.

Free tools for the penetration testing

  1. Metasploit

This open source platform is used for developing or testing exploits and available both for Unix and Windows. This is by far a more advanced tool compared to the others here as it requires more programming skills to use. Its main advantage is that specific exploits are fully demonstrated as existing rather than only noted as potential vulnerabilities. The platform runs shellcode, remote shells, and payloads to help you penetrate the target.

  1. Nessus

This is a free vulnerability scanner perfectly maintaining its accuracy, speed, and depth while scanning large vulnerability libraries. With over 30,000 available plugins with automatic updates, Nessus 5 is among the fastest scanners around.

  1. Nikto

This is an open source tool designed for security scanning of web servers. It is now able to scan for more than 3500 potential vulnerabilities and provides custom scan options by vulnerability classes. Customizable and logical testing options, host selection from the Nmap output, and many other features make it a really great tool.

  1. Nmap

A multi-purpose tool, Nmap is used for port mapping, network scanning, and application & OS discovery. On this list, this one is undoubtedly the easiest and most flexible of all. Nmap excels whenever you need to detect and identify all hosts of a large network, port map, or discover all the applications running on a host.

  1. Wireshark

This tool is a perfect option when it comes to sniffing or capturing network traffic, or examining sessions and protocols in depth. This is an indispensable tool when capturing Ethernet traffic, examining, and decrypting specific protocols. Wireshark runs on a great range of platforms and supports multiple capture file formats.

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