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4 Things All Testers Should Stop Doing

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 06/3/2015

4 Things All Testers Should Stop Doing

We all have bad habits, some of them are personal, and others are professional. And, considering QA has grown and matured over the years into a separate IT industry people who have worked as testers for quite a decent while now have surely gained numerous habits as well. Some of them are great, they deliver value, simplify processes and ad pieces of souls inside very single designed test cases whilst others are really bad things to do, but we are already used to them.

It’s like smoking. We all already know it’s bad, yet those who do smoke always have a hard time quitting. Here are several great examples of just such bad habits we should all consider quitting as soon as it’s possible, unless we want to get project-cancer:

Bad habits testers should give up:

This pretty much sums up my top 4 bad habits lots of testers share. What do you think?

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