3 Off-topic Jokes That Are True To Testing Or What Happens When You’re In For Too Much Humor Per Hour


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If there is something I love as much as my job, it’s definitely humor (if we’re not talking family values, those are always number 1). I do love some stand-up performances. A separate field from those are the so-called one-liners. Jokes within a sentence, often with an unexpected ending which is making the statement funny.

Amongst those that are great with one-liners are Demetri Martin and Mitch Hedberg. So what once happened when I was listening to them joking for like the hundredth time (the jokes, by the way, are not getting less funny with time) is that my imagination began finding stuff that is related to software testing. At least to me. Feel free to keep on reading if interested. After all you can’t be providing software testing services without any sense of humor.

Joke # 1

I once was playing sports… then there was a moment when I realized I am capable of simply buying trophies. Now I am good at everything.

Everybody loves rewards and trophies whatever they are. I know I do. It symbolizes victory, something hard earned. Yet a trophy is worth something only if it is truly earned by gaining a new skill or anything of that sort. Still, there is an issue nowadays with certifications for testers. They are not something one may show off proudly, at least not all of them. A training plan of most certifications is occurring but one thing on a specific lection. The terms, definitions, basic knowledge is pretty much all it has to offer without the essential practical part. Only when a skill is mastered you may gain and show off (just a bit) with your prize.

Joke # 2

If I’m to move up in a building and elevator would be my choice rather than an escalator. There was one time when I was riding an escalator and I tripped and fell straight downstairs… for like an hour and a half.

Oh automation! So shiny and fine and easy and fun. Until you trip. After such a fall it may take for, like, an eternity to recover from the damage. And the fix may be hidden in a way that is simply making the fall continues and difficult. Why’s the elevator the smart choice here? You may go both up and down (if you know what I mean) and thus it’s safer to trip in.

Joke # 3

There was this moment when I saw a door with a sign stating “Exit only” in a mall, yet I walked right through it inside, stepped straight up to a guy working there and said ‘I’ve some awesome news for you, you are underestimating this here door’s potential by some 100%’

Same happens here on a daily basis with some testers at work. Surely labeling is something straight from the very human nature. Aristotle’s been classifying everything he got his hands on since 300 BC and that was, like, way before that activity became mainstream.

That’s where the labels ‘I’m a tester so I can’t code’, ‘I’m such a newbie, there’s no way I can help’, etc. are rooting from. Do not underestimate your potential by 100%

Joke # 4, the bonus round

God, I want to place a revolving door somewhere with a sign stating “pull”. I just want to see how obedient, actually, people are.

This one’s about questions you’ll have to answer. You are meeting a nice little test case stating

  1. Reach to the revolving door
  2. Pull in order to open

What will your actions be? Is there an error? Perhaps somebody has swell reasons to make people go back at the main door? Who is that somebody? Who’s to make the decisions here, testers, designers, developers, business, or managers? What are the potential ways of getting all the information about the strange door?

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