3 Reasons Why Software Quality Is Degrading


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Testers are resigned to the idea that software testing is very often overlooked and isn’t valued as deserved. But today there are new challenges against software quality that makes people believe in the necessity of testing:

Continuous Release Cycle

Most of the companies launch low-quality products giving as a reason it will be updated soon. This is very bad practice. Any team of developers should focuses on making products that are ready for release, rather than products that are updated frequently. Don’t leave things for late. Remember, that if you are going to make updates soon doesn’t mean you don’t have to worry about bugs in each iteration.

The Rise of Mobile Apps and their quality

The demand for mobile apps is growing that generates the need in new ideas and new people as well. Thus, developers without experience but powered by new ideas try to implement it in reality. This is really cool, but the quality of mobile apps is missed. To hire an independent developer is cheaper than to hire a team of experts in the software company. Such ‘loners’ usually put less responsibility in their projects without systematic approach in searching errors in their products. Even the leaders in the mobile market, such as Apple or Android undervalue quality of the mobile apps. For example, there is no December in Android 4.2 calendar. They just overlook such important issues as usability, functionality or security of their app. As a result the authority of company is falling down in the consumers’ eyes.

Being the First

As we said, most of the developers don’t worry about the quality of their apps because aim to release software product as soon as it possible. If you a leader in the market it gives you time to perfect an app before release. It means you can test it and fix the bugs before selling to end-customer. But many companies have been tripped up because they wanted to launch not quality products relying on further updates, but users didn’t forgive them their mistakes. Hence, try to focus on the quality today, creating “beta-grade” product rather than disappoint your customers.

Nowadays people have so many choices they never have had before. There are plenty of apps available to use, but only the most qualitative ones survive in the market. Whether your customers are home-users or enterprises, they choose the best product: usable, secured, ready for loadings and functional. Refocusing on the quality doesn’t slow down development process. For example, well done Agile testing helps team to move the process faster and improve software in the most efficient way.

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