3 Dangers Test Management Tools Hide


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Testing & QA

Test management, as a process is surrounded with numerous tasks, reliable (and not so reliable) tools and enormous volumes of hard work. Every process of such vital importance is usually escorted with numerous challenges as well. Let’s try to determine several potential pitfalls of TM platforms.

  1. Comparison charts don’t always provide accurate data. This is a fact we all should accept. This statement does not mean such charts are useless or should not be done. Though one should be very careful with them as there are many things that are simply too hard to compare. Consider comparing Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings as a nice example. Harry potter had more films, thus it would be the victore in a comparison list yet such data would be far from true accuracy. You can use numerous possible ways of automated comparison software can offer, yet be careful and don’t put all of your eggs in this basket.
  2. Many tools hide additional fees. Multiple industries and companies have embraced a marketing strategy that involves cheap bait (core functionality) and expensive add-ons (numerous handy features that are either required for appropriate workflow or make it significantly easier). This fait did not go past software testing and management tools. Consider all available functionality carefully otherwise you may end up either way beyond budget or with a process that is impossible in maintenance. Neither of the mentioned two are good and one thing worse is the switching cost – a fee businesses are forced to pay if they wish to migrate to any other platform. These fees may get ridiculous.
  3. Integrations are tricky and are not always as good as things may seem. Marketing is a science of manipulation with words and terms. And integration or synchronization are misty terms with no precise definitions in terms of marketing campaigns. The odds are you will gain a lot of necessary back-end and fairly poor integration functionality work for your dollars. Same goes for loud words like “best”, ‘number 1”, “fastest”, etc. There were no people who ever gathered in one spot to judge software test management solutions thus nothing that may be called “best” is there, only good or bad solutions.

Does this mean all well-marketed solutions are bad? No, these events only state that TM platforms have a developing niche with competition that literally packs a punch. However this leaves us, the consumers with the necessity to choose wisely after careful consideration.

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