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3 Must-Have Android QA Solutions Designed For Flawless Automation

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 05/22/2015

3 Must-Have Android QA Solutions Designed For Flawless Automation

So, test automation, quite the topic to discuss, especially when it comes to Android app testing. So much is dependent on automation today (too much, perhaps) that us, testers have no choice but to adjust to such an environment. New skills are required, new best practices emerge and moreover, automation tools pop up here and there, way too often to keep in focus with all of them.

It would be much easier if things are broken into consumable chunks. You may be into Android app testing, thus appropriate toolsets will be required tailored to deliver maximum value whilst Android application testing takes place. After all, there are unique programming solutions involved, as well as environments, development methodologies and coding tricks that fit well in apps based on Google’s top OS and are not used elsewhere.

Imagine yourself as Batman, when your automation tools and frameworks are your batarangs and other gadgets. You still rock without them as you are, well, Batman, but numerous tasks and saving the world is way easier if you have some solution that fits your situation perfectly.

To the Batcave!

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