13 Cool Things To Do When Bored From Testing

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 08/27/2014

13 Cool Things To Do When Bored From Testing

There are often such happenings at this or that part of your work-life when you are bored of everything. The constant routine job that you are doing on a daily basis is as annoying as somebody scratching a chalk-board with his fancy manicure or even worse. Mostly this is completely unrelated to the boredom level of your job itself. It is just human nature.

But what to do in such cases?

There are several tricks you may find handy:

  1. Make it challenging. As you are mastering a profession only few challenges are remaining. So create your own quests and achievements. Let’s say challenge yourself with a goal of finding 7 (or whatever the amount you are finding challenging) bugs per day.
  2. Don’t be friends with people that are all about the negative things. You know, those grumpy people that never tend to like anything and even care not about kittens. They are the ones to get as far from as possible.
  3. Have some long-lasting goals of your own. Let’s say your career. Who do you see you as in 10 years? Try getting there now. Make the first baby-steps.
  4. Dedicate yourself to mastering something particular like android application testing or whatever else you desire. Become the tester-supreme in a field close to your heart.
  5. Be creative. Start writing about what you do, like a blog or just several articles. Do not fear to show-off your knowledge. Be proud of it.
  6. Be nice to yourself. Keep a good practice of rewarding yourself for the things you do. The reward may be tiny, yet it always has to be there. Reward achievements only.
  7. Play a spy game. Watch how other QA teams are handling themselves. Find some good practices. Snatch them to your profit.
  8. If you are a Senior in your team share gained knowledge. Become the local Jedi Master and train your padawans to master the force in the proper manner.
  9. Chat with your coworkers. Not only from your team. Learn something new from marketers or developers, etc. Pay attention: some developers believe testers are evil for some unknown reason. Leave such jerks be.
  10. Be accurate. And neat. Throw away rubbish you’ve been gathering at your desk for some time now. Do the same to your PC (clean it up, not throw away I mean)
  11. Experiment more. Keep finding different ways of completing the same task. That way you will get rid of routine.
  12. If you are bored testing those particular security issues of the application for iOS ask your boss to transfer you to give you some different testing to do. That android app definitely needs some UI to be tested or soma automation to do.
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