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10 Tools For Responsive Design Testing

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 08/12/2014

10 Tools For Responsive Design Testing

Proper responsive design testing is of high importance. Nowadays people are looking at your apps via various kinds of devices whether mobile or desktop. Thus this area has no right to be missed with a clear eye of a tester. No matter whether you are in windows phone 7 application development or iOS app creation or whatever other phone app testing or desktop testing. If you are using responsive it needs to be tested.

Thus we present a list of ten tools that are created for such purposes. And as an extra advantage all of them share together is the fact that all of them are completely free of charge.


 This tool can help you with seeing your page rendering on various screen sizes. Lots and more devices are supported with this tool, such as iPhones, Blackberry and Samsung phones as well as Dell laptops and so much more.


What the tool does is that is takes an URL and then is outputting sequences of device mockups. Then the page is being rendered into them. Thus you will be able to get the idea of how do your users, who are possessing different devices are experiencing the pages layout.


This tool has a pretty useful feature. It can give you some keyboard shortcuts. (Like when you press the ‘T’ key you will get a tablet preview, etc.) A handy solution by all means.

Am I Responsive?

Don’t worry, this is not a quiz question. It’s the name of a tool that can test the responsiveness of any website. Easy as that.

Viewport Resizer

This one allows your browser to become something else (like an iPhone, etc.). In other words it is resizing the browser into a specific dimension of Amazon Kindle or any other of the impressive 47 screen sizes Viewport Resizer has.


This is a tool like the previous one. It has it’s own 15 default sizes that match pretty much all the popular devises like the MacBook’s or iPads. And it also allows you to create your own custom dimensions.


This one is not different from several tools from this list, yet it is not worse. It is here for you to be able to choose. So it takes an URL and afterwards gives you a preview of the page in some different screen dimensions.

Responsive Web Design Tool by Designmodo

It might be of use when designing or bug-hunting your responsive breakpoints.

Responsive Web Design Tool by pixeltuner.de

 This tool is very much like the mentioned earlier Responsinator. An URL is entered and rendered in several device mockups.


This tool is capable of working with your local files. Just open your HTML doc in your browser. Copy the URL right into responsivepx and voila. Great for people working from their desktop PS’s.

And what is your favorite responsive design testing tool for any kind of a of phone app or other app? You are free to share links in comments!

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