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10 Sure Ways to Boost Your Confidence as a Tester

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 10/28/2013

10 Sure Ways to Boost Your Confidence as a Tester

man with computer1. A tester should have all the materials needed to do the job and to feel comfortable at work. For these keep track of modern innovations in your domain and try to use as much helpful testing techniques as possible. In this way writing detailed scripts for tests won’t seem so long and boring.

2. Use basic test design techniques as a review for your test to further clarify some spots in specification.

3. Management’s decisions greatly affect the work of its employees, so why not provide it with your feedback more often? It will help to manage the project better and improve your working conditions. Do not feel constrained when you feel to need a longer period of time to complete the job.

4. Use statistics, try to envision the results and plan your actions accordingly. If you know that usually three fifths of tests find bugs, use this knowledge to forecast the terms of the project completion.

5. Test other people’s tests, try to find bugs, try your skills and measure your proficiency. Communicate with developers more often, learn from them and ask for help sometimes. Ask them sometimes to make some ten couple bugs in their code deliberately and try to find them all – check your efficiency and improve it.

6. Mind your testing environment. Check your hardware functionality and boost efficiency of testing by automating some of your manual share. Reuse your tests many times to raise your expertise.

7. Create or develop you special point that will make you invaluable as a specialist. Remember that one professional is always better than 10 novices, so don’t chase after tests quantity, but develop your testing qualities.

8. Feel free to make up new ideas, experiment on them and incorporate some worthy ones into your practices. Testing needs flexible, creative and open-minded people.

9. If you love your job and see software testing as your vocation, do not let little “bugs” at work eat away at your passion for it. Take especially difficult tasks as good challenge and new valuable experience rather than irritating troubles.

10. Be patient, diligent and persistent on your way to success in software testing. The demands of software development are speedily gaining pace and it is sometimes difficult to catch up with them because you have to absorb much knowledge every day to solve urgent testing issues. But that only strengthens your testing abilities and encourages self-development.

Work on your professionalism and self-confidence to be a number one software tester!

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