10 Split Testing Tricks for a Perfect Conversion Strategy


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Usability Testing

Split TestingSplit testing software provides a great way of improving the website conversion rate and turn site users in regular customers. Such powerful companies like Amazon and Google implement split testing extensively.

To increase your own site’s conversions, you may choose from the following split testing tricks and techniques.

  • Frequent A/B software test are the first and basic option above the others.
  • Time split tests are not a very good option, especially if you have orders getting up and down weekly.
  • Multivariate testing can be done with such popular platforms as Visual Website Optimizer, Adobe Test&Target, Google Analytics Content Experiments, Optimizely, Sitespect and others.

Split-testing software is much more powerful if used in combination with other marketing tools like the following ones.

  • Google AdWords is a valuable targeted source for traffic, but is also used to run your split software tests by making two identical ads intended for different destination URLs. For several reasons, though, it’s hard to create some accurate scientific test with AdWords.
  • Few tools will tell you about the “non-customers” – those visitors arriving at the site but shortly leaving for any reasons. These people rarely provide you with their feedback, but you may persuade them do it in a live chat.
  • The basic web analytics techniques like Site Overlay can tell you what site parts users are clicking and not clicking, as well as at which point they leave the site. So your log files really contain piles of gold.
  • Usability testing can be done on anyone you can reach to and this technique is extremely helpful. If you had to choose one testing tool only, it would have to be usability testing. Instead just testing the product, this technique can also point your attention to some significant issues you haven’t considered.
  • If you use a ‘refer a friend’ feature, allow your customers to send some personalized note to friends. With access to their notes, you’ll find out a lot of insightful information about why a customer actually ordered something and additionally see some exact words your customers use while selling your production to their friends.
  • Eye-tracking tool can show which things your visitors but fail to click on. Also it indicates the things your users just don’t see.
  • Click-mapping also gives you your page image with information about the visitors’ click places annotated. Tools like Crazy Egg let you see those parts of the page visitors click on along with how far down your page they scroll.

Use the above techniques to ensure a great CRO strategy for your website!

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