10 Simple A/B Ideas Everyone Should Test for Higher Conversions


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Usability Testing

If you feel you could make more money with your product, site or app, you can always run a couple of split tests and find a way to gain more traffic. A split test, or an A/B test, involves testing two ideas and deciding on the winner. Running one test every month or so will be just OK not to affect your product’s UX.

Here are several quick ideas you should test on your app first to make it better for users:

  1. Touching beats seeing

Try screenshots vs. live version. Product owners tend to feature screenshots of an app instead of letting users try it out before signing up. But there is always risk they don’t understand what your product does from screenshots.

  1. People like getting and dislike losing things

Try money-back promise vs. free trial. From first sight, there’s no difference between paying money for a product, using it for 30 days and then taking the money back if the product doesn’t appeal to you, and just using it for free for 30 days. But it may be something with how the offer sounds that people are more inclined to get something for free than taking their money away. Test these two options!

  1. They like free things

Try including vs. excluding the word “free”. Actually, people like getting something so much, that they can’t miss the opportunity to have something for free. Even if they don’t need what you are offering, they will pay attention and will be more motivated to have it if there’s the word “free” in your offer.

  1. Rewards may boost motivation

Try bonuses vs. time-based bonuses. People are motivated with rewards and bonuses. You may give them a bonus for every action you want them to take. But if you try to combine bonuses with competition, the results can be even better. For example, you can set a bonus for only the first limited number of signups.

  1. Colors influence decisions

Test one color vs. another color. The simplest and maybe most effective thing to test with different colors on your site or app is the CTA button. You may be surprised how the color influence people’s decisions and how they may like some unexpected color more in your design. If your traffic is high, you can split test even different shades of your design, too.

  1. Videos are more entertaining

Test text explanation vs. explanation video. You know that visuals draw attention better than text. The same can work when you need to explain your product to people. A short explainer video with the right elements can first attract users and then be memorized better which in turn will motivate them to buy from you.

  1. Faster is not always better

Test one-step vs. longer login or checkout process. You heard about the idea that a big number of steps you want people to go will lead to reduced conversions. That is, people want to do away with everything faster. But in the situation when you need a user to enter much information or do several actions on one page may seem a way too big deal for them. So it may be useful to test how they react to the task divided into three subsequent steps.

  1. Scrolling buttons can be helpers

Test scrolling button vs. static button. Buttons scrolling with a user can be both annoying and helpful in different situations. In case you have long posts on your blog, it will bring you more conversions if you make your signup button scroll with the page to encourage users to sign up.

  1. Trial length is tricky

Test short trial period vs. long trial period. You may think that a long trial period is better than a short one. Well, probably more people will sign up for a 30-day trial, but if you limit the trial use to 15 days, there may be more chances people will have a good use of it and actually be motivated to buy your app.

  1. Form fields are obstacles

Test different number/order/type of fields. We all know that people don’t like filling in forms. Those take time if they include many fields, require thinking if there are some difficult or open-ended questions and cause suspicion when some personal information is asked. That’s why fill out forms are always worth some split testing.

Closing words

Many of your A/B tests will fail as they often do. But this should not stop you from looking for the best solutions for your product!

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