10 Benefits of Having a Test Center

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 04/4/2014

10 Benefits of Having a Test Center

Only about 10% of IT companies nowadays establish their own test center. But the value of QA and software testing is getting increasingly recognized by businesses, we can expect this figure to rise respectively.

We see in-house QA centers as fundamental for maximizing IT resources of modern businesses and adopting best practices, methods and tools to keep pace with present day demands.

Your company will get 10 sure business benefits from an in-house test center. They are as follows.

  1. Accelerating your speed to market

QA is centralized by many companies to cut their time-to-market. The unpredictable world economy makes business focused on delivering better products faster, that’s why time-to-market is essential in gaining and maintaining competitive edge when profits are increasing. As a result, the development cycles are squeezed while testing teams are forced to do more but with less. A test center helps to get ready for such challenges head on.

  1. Cutting costs

Market unpredictability means companies cannot afford reducing their QA cost efficiency effort. However, centralizing the testing resources and tools can prevent you from redundancy and ensure tremendous savings in utilizing resources, procuring software, maintaining costs.

  1. Enabling innovation

Private test centers let businesses concentrate their QA efforts right on innovation and prepare for some global economy’s eventual upturns. The increasingly competitive landscape complemented by growing customer demands just boosts the pressure on more innovative application development.

  1. Increasing agility

By scaling and managing its resources, a QA team can better respond to unexpected business challenges and focus on their high priority projects. In order to stay competitive, businesses need reliable, efficient and powerful software systems. Traditional project-level QA can no longer ensure the efficiency and momentum needed to keep up with such a change.

  1. Improving quality

A test center means a lot in terms of application software quality, lesser failure risk, greater QA process visibility and better customer experience. If a company has no QA center, performance issues and defects my go undetected until an application is already deployed into production which consequently causes disruptions and impact the business negatively. Instead, moving to the standards-based approach will bring positive ROI quickly.

  1. Enhancing flexibility

By managing the flexible pool of your available internal and external resources you ensure the high quality levels across applications before their deployment and throughout the production. A test center deliver you flexible resource pools able to ramp up or down with your company’s changing needs.

  1. Centralizing resources

A company doesn’t need to modify its structure to centralize the QA operations physically, and a virtual test center can often be a great solution. A test center establishes and shares best practices and reuses tools and resources in this way reducing incompatible platforms and piecemeal tools.

  1. Building industrialization culture

Test centers are no doubt an effective approach to industrializing your testing activity. They serve as the virtual command centers which use some standardized testing methodology, practices, metrics, automation and tools.

  1. Maximizing skillsets

Test centers can utilize all available capabilities and knowledge of the company, providing additional staff training and development, along with outside process and product expertise, if necessary. This can just as well provide new compelling career opportunities, boost job satisfaction and assist in recruiting and retaining the top talents.

  1. Public sector advantage

Different public organizations help to adopt the test centers model quicker. Tighter budgets implemented by multiple governments require public bodies to do more having less and maintain quality and service levels. An onshore test center is another compelling model for those countries where people treat offshoring as a political anathema.

Despite their maintenance costs, test centers definitely have many advantages that large IT companies cannot disregard.

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