Independent testing

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Below you will find the list of benefits that you can gain when using independent software testing services. They include but not limited to the following groups:

  • testing quality and objectivity;
  • cost and organizational benefits;
  • impartial quality assessment of your software developers’ work;
  • access to best QA/QC practices;
  • flexibility;
  • time-to-market improvement;
  • improved in-house personnel focus.

Let’s take a closer look at these benefits of independent testing.

Better testing quality and objectivity

  • Unbiased and fresh view which reveals defects that can't be detected otherwise, but can be crucial for the market success of the software product;
  • Strict adherence to customer's (not development vendor's) business goals and objectives;
  • Independence of a development team so that they are unable to influence testing results.

Cost and organizational benefits

  • No issue with "lump" testing work load, no QC bench-warmers and QC team surplus;
  • No need to hire, train, fire additional employees in the peaks of testing activities;
  • No expenses associated with the testing processes building and managing;
  • Economy of capital investment: saving on test environment/tools purchasing and maintenance;
  • Saving of office space;
  • Difference in personnel wages and infrastructure costs in different countries.

Impartial quality assessment of your outsourcing software development vendors' work

  • Objective, comprehensive, timely data on the developed software enabling you to estimate the real project progress, reveal problems (e.g., divergence from the schedule, budget, planned go-to-market time) and timely mitigate them;
  • Proper commitment of vendor's management and development team to your project;
  • Strong motivation for the vendor to make realistic project estimations, follow proper project workflow and use no tricks;
  • Independent quality assessment in discussions and issues with vendors, solid arguments for fair compensation, if necessary;
  • Substantial decrease of risks (e.g., unrealized cost reduction, unrealized quality promises) in outsourcing software development projects.

Access to best-of-breed capabilities and best QA/QC practices

  • Access to the scarce/expensive talents or vertical expertise;
  • Testing quality enhancement;
  • Access to innovations and large Knowledge Base;
  • In-house testing processes improvement (see an example at References page, ref.2).

More business flexibility and efficiency

  • More costs for investment in business expansion or revenue-producing activities;
  • More appeal for investors;
  • Less complementary activities;
  • Level of testing services which can't be afforded in-house;
  • Better customer satisfaction;
  • More revenue, higher ROI.

Time-to-market improvement

  • Immediate project start;
  • Testing time decreasing;
  • Accelerating the product life cycle.

Improved in-house personnel focus

  • In-house programmers are only used for the core activity (i.e., software development).

All these advantages are available for you when you work with TestFort QA Lab.