What Will Your Team Be Facing While A Responsive Site Testing Project?

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What Will Your Team Be Facing While A Responsive Site Testing Project?

Designers are doing a hell of a job while creating responsive websites. Just consider the total amount of factors like size, readability, resolution, navigability and so on that require careful consideration. However testers are having an even harder time because all that needs to be checked and double-checked.

As more and more website owners are moving to responsive sites today this field demands a lot of testing services you may surely provide if you are up to the task. First of all basic and common challenges should be determined, challenges as:

  • The Environment is always a pain to set up properly. The variety of available browsers and operation systems that is currently available is quite the challenge for appropriate testing environment preparations. Then there are devices with various screen sizes and resolutions. All that is however required to properly replicate end-user experience as that is, after all, what testing is about: making sure you find defects before your users. Making sure your site is flawless on a PC with a large screen, a MacBook and an Android Tablet at the same time will cause trouble and the need of testing the site on some of the most popular devices at the very minimum. You can’t just buy a set of those one time and use them constantly as new devices are being released way too often for such an approach.  This means your testers need to be ready to make strategic choices with multiple configurations of various physical devices.
  • Design, while responsive, is tricky and may lead testers to roads they should never take. There will be many different screen versions and testers will require to test all of them. However things people are using on a desktop differ from buttons they will require and will be tapping on an iPhone screen hence testers should be precise on what functionality should be tested here and there.
  • What? No Automation Frameworks? That is probably the biggest pain as frameworks offer lots of basic and simple automated tests you do not require to create. However there are still many tools that can make your life easier like the Selenium WebDriver.

However being aware makes you ready so I hope everybody is capable of keeping up to these and more challenges!

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Created: 12 Mar 2015