Getting Rid Of Faking QA Staff

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Getting Rid Of Faking QA Staff

Who’s Faking?

Facking QA staffSome of you may even ask, “Who are these mysterious fake testers?” I’d have to answer that in every field of every business there are these people who think that they are smarter than everybody. People that are simply faking they are doing good work. And QA is not an exception.

Fake testers are the brats who are only making impression of they are working. They simply open the requirements document with MS Word, then they use the search and replacement feature and simply change all the ‘should’ with ‘verify’. Then the doc is being saved as their personal test plan. That is one hellishly easy way to increase the maximum amount of executed tests for management reporting. That is but one of the ways these rascals escape work. And that is not the only problem. Such relation to work only causes lots of other difficulties. 

How fake testers reflect on business?

The major issue about this kind of workers is that they only make impression of they are working. And they do it with such talent you don’t even feel like giving them extra work, they seem so busy.

If we even forget how that effects quality of software there is one more thing that is even worse. They have an awful impact on the entire team. Even if the management is not focused on finding and eliminating them the team will sure notice what’s actually going on. How is that bad? The question “Why’s that guy getting paid as much as I am if he is barely doing some work? Why should I bother overworking if I can do the same?”. Afterwards you won’t even get a chance to look around and the entire team is affected. And those who really love their work will simply leave. Not a healthy situation for the entire business.

How to fight them?

These fakers definitely need to be fired in time otherwise the disease will spread like a forest fire. But how to do so? There are two basic rules in locating and eliminating such an element:

  • Productivity. We are all people and our productivity has its up-rises and downfalls due to various factors. If you have a tester that is 100% productive 24/7 that is quite suspicious.
  • Communication. As said above the team will notice a sleazy fellow sooner than you’ll get a chance to say “Gotcha!”. Never underestimate productive people management, be on short terms with every member of your own team, if you want your business to operate like a clock.

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Created: 29 Jul 2014