Android Mobile Application Testing

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Rapid development of mobile technologies makes the competition among manufacturers grow and, very often, the success of the test mobile brand depends on testing. Testing is an important part of the application development process. Therefore, it is carried out on a variety of devices and it includes various types of testing.

Why do Android Apps need testing?

For Android, the fastest growing mobile OS, testing is particularly important. The reason lies in the fast-growing competition on the market. Among its competitors are iOS, Blackberry, and Windows Phone, considered the 3 major brands for smartphones. Another reason is the great variation in the devices including differences in size and resolution of the screen version of Android, the presence of the front camera, NFC, external keyboard, CPU instruction set, etc. Undoubtedly, the quality of the apps developed for the appropriate platforms is a very essential factor.

Not all app developers can afford themselves a large fleet of test gadgets to test the performance of their applications. Experience has shown that it is difficult for developers to objectively assess their projects. For this reason, developers outsource QA team to accompany the project throughout its life cycle. Everybody makes mistakes both beginning programmers and experienced teams of well-known companies. However, experts in the field of testing and usability can keep the number of errors to a minimum. The result will be a high quality product, which significantly affect its rating and top positions. In any case, the developers and owners of Android-applications must be sure that their program will work correctly on all types of smartphones and tablets running this OS. This is one of the components of success in the market.

How do Our Testers Work?

TestFort team of more than 100 professional testers are testing apps on real devices with their own hands which helps to identify issues which emulators along with simulators usually miss.