8 Hour Report Service

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Actual results from qualified teams of QA experts that are delivered within 8 hours are no longer phantasy. Mobile, web and desktop applications are all unique to some extent and yet share numerous traits in common. Platforms, frameworks and programming languages do not change too much and this gives smart, professional testers a head start.

Thanks to over a decade of experience our teams are fluent with numerous kinds and types of software products and are ready to launch prepared stacks of test cases at any moment.

How does it work?

  1. You request services from our professionals.
  2. You provide us with materials and requirements and turn your timer on, because you will receive results within 8 working hours from this very moment!
  3. Our team of qualified experts tests through your product.
  4. A general briefing is held to ensure all requirements are clear.
  5. The process ends with one more meeting. You will be delivered with results throughout this stage.
  6. You Win!


  • Speed.You will achieve actual, valid results of software tests within 8 business hours!
  • Results. QA results are materials that can be used to ensure numerous improvements in both functionality and usability of your products.
  • Guidelines. Our experts tailor reports with respect to actual experience from the world of software, thus value of such advises is immeasurable.
  • Feedback. Knowledge is power! Once you know what went wrong you will be able to ensure fixes of maximal preciseness and accuracy.

Feel free to contact our managers for additional support or information. We are here to both assist you and answer all of your questions!